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Sunday With Fairuza OR..Things to do when you are not dead!

Here is what the enchanting, Fairuza Balk had to say, on Sunday.

I decided to use a Jeopardy format for this feature...

 Hello world, having a nice Sunday I hope? just wanted to say thank you again to all the people showing me such an abundance of love. I raise my cup of tea to you all and wish you a most brilliantly wonderful day.

 Cruising , sunny day, blasting Joan Jet's version of " I Love Rock 'n Roll " on the radio.

 I've been working to develop my own scented candle line, It's been a riot but hard work also. I'm too much of a perfectionista at times me thinks.
Making it 100% organic and environmentally friendly while being gorgeous and top of the line is my goal.
 It's none of your business what other people think of you or say about you. It has no real bearing in the reality of your life.

Fairuza Balk
 Love, persevere , stay strong inside, believe in the magic of your dreams and damned be the naysayers!!!!
 Be yourself and don't be afraid. Fear kills all that is good and bright inside of us. If they don't get you- screw them! ( pardon my French )

I'm hoping to get my work done but also get to a beach at some point it has been WAY too long since I've had the time to absolutely dive into a painting and I miss it.

 My earlier comment about finding inner peace is my own opinion. Life is one crazy roller coaster . You work and sacrifice and strive so hard ..To achieve your goals but in the end if you can't be at peace with yourself then none of it matters.

 The media would have us all believe that if only we were rich we'd be happy or if only we had this or that but that's a trick, it's NOT real's hard not to fall into that way of thinking but some of the happiest people I know have very little in terms of money or possessions I've had and lost and had again and lost again and this is a part of what I've learned and I was sharing that thought with you...
 If you have inner peace in your heart and mind then you have everything, you have it all. You are the wealthiest person in the world.

...but music, sorry Pete, we were suppose to talk music...your too kind.

I have looked at your blog and I must say it is really wonderful what you are doing for the people you write about. Your encouragement, and support is hard to find in the industry, when I was laying the ground work for my single. I got so much of "you can't do this, you can't do that." I should have called you!! 


 CU soon..thank you Pete for finding me, and don't worry about things to do when you are dead!! XO!

No, no, no, my get my never ending thanks!!!   xxoo!!

 So that's it...we both thought it would be cool to let you fill in the questions!!
...there will be more coming when we meet in NYC!!!

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