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Top Ten Sexiest Guitarists #10, Ivete Sangalo

...once again here are the rules to be considered for my Top Ten...
 1. I must have reviewed you and seen you live...2. You must be sexy (to me), and of course 3. You have to jamm and have a powerful stage presence. 

Number 10: Ivete Sangalo...not known as a guitar player, and perhaps the most popular unknown artist on the American standards...and we share the same birthday May 27th..Gemini! 

Ivete Sangalo

Ivete has sold over 13 million albums world wide and performed before more than 5 million people at her live concerts.
Any list I make of 'sexy' anything that she does will include her. Sexy with a wholesome class and respect for her audience is her forte.

Once you have seen her audience react to her, you understand her popularity.


I saw her at Madison Square Garden, 2010 for the first and only time live. I went back stage with a group of 'pool' reporters where we had access to her for a few minutes. She stole many hearts at that press conference, including mine.

This lady has over 120 million hits on Youtube...Enjoy! #10
A video of Ivete

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