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Fighting for Independence! The 'Hive'

...after three years of this blog, supporting Indie Artists, I have seen many common threads among you all.  And some very uncommon, the most uncommon and at the same time the most encouraging to me is Yula Beeri's 'Hive'.


They are a community that welcomes, all of the arts, music, drama, performance art, poetry, sculpture, dance, and they welcome everyone.

They are in a struggle now and need support, so if you are an Indie Artists or just someone like me who finds it a bit disturbing to see all the extremely talented 'Indies' in NYC, struggling too, help the Hive, because they are an organization that could make a difference in the NYC scene, for all of us long term!!

Thanks for your time...take a look below at the show Yula and the Hive are using as a vehicle to raise some capital...the Hive like this blog is TOTALLY, non profit, and I can tell you any $ raised goes directly toward improving the facilities to help others!  I am 100000% on board with them!!
Hive, get BUZZZZ

The vehicle is their current show;
Yulix, A Rock Opera

here is the Hive 'official' 411....

What is it?- it's YuliX the Opera

The Extended Family takes it to another level Tale of the little falafel girl and Her only Love A delightful yet suspenseful, sexy musical story with dance (parental guidance suggested). We will have 50 seats in our refurbished Hive. We shall  perform YuliX five times in front of an audience of fifty friends.
This theatrical event will happen Sept. 1, 2, 3, and 5. Space is limited, so RSVP early: It takes a $20 donation to the Hive to ensure you a seat in one of these dates. This is a benefit for the Hive, our "kickstarter with no kickstarter". 

 Click here to reserve your seat now.  If you have trouble,  e- mail

 Click here to contribute what you like.

- Or, if you can't be with us because you live in another country, knowing you supported an organization that helps many others fulfill their dreams,  isn't that just lovely?
A Wise woman who plays the Saw Says:
"This is the night to bring along everyone in your life who doesn't know about this other world you belong to... come and be a part of an intimate (*seating is limited) underground performance. If your co-workers and family members make strange references to your mysterious 'sub-genre alter-ego', and have been curious (but not enough) to come see for themselves what the hell you're up to, this is the chance to bring them.  

 It will be a beautiful rock opera based on the nightlife you know and love,  a more formal choreographed work of YuliX art.

We try and do as much as we can with recycled material, volunteers and Barter - but we still need help. all it takes is your donation of $20 and an evening of cheer delight with us - choose a date - come, be an 
  ART Angel.

we will never turn our backs to those of you who TRULY can not afford to donate and still wish to attend.

In this case call: Tel 347 2281175 or e-mail
 - Come on board, Every head counts on this ship!



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