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Kerri Leigh, Single Release..."My Kind of Crazy"

I met Kerri Leigh at an 'after party', she was introduced to me by Clara Lofaro .

 Kerri Leigh

Kerri, from Appleton, Wisconsin is now a New Yorker, pursuing a career in Country Music! you can see she is fresh off a modeling contract that had her on the cover of Woman's World and Red Book, and features in the New York Post, and O Magazine.

Kerri will be releasing her great new single "My Kind Of Crazy" at the The Canal Room on August, 22d!!

My Kind of Crazy, is a collaboration with writer/performer, Craig Wilson.

To get to know her a bit, here is a chat we had...
Q: tell me a bit about this great new tune that Clara and Craig are raving about..

My Kind of Crazy. "You do you and I'll be me"  I fully believe people should do what makes them happy.  The path I chose for my life is not normal and I'm fully pleased with that.  This song is about doing what you know in your heart you were always meant to do.  Follow your passion, be crazy, be spontaneous.  It's a beautiful thing to know what you love and be who you truly are. 

Q: coming to NYC...had to be a major change for you?

  Coming to New York City was not an easy move for me.  Letting go of everything you know and anything you did in the past doesn't matter anymore.  Yes it influences the person you are but you start over.  Having to prove yourself all over again and reprove yourself and your talents over and over again.  Make people believe in you as much as you do.

I remember my first visit to New York.  It was to the dorms for AMDA.  I was with my sister Jenny.  She said " I can not, will not leave you here" (LOL) I told her this is what i have to do.  Those dorms were horrible! Roaches, rats and mentally insane  elderly people shared them with us! I cried my eyes out thinking i would have to live there!  I still moved.  Passion.

here's a sample of what you will see August 22d at the Canal Room, in addition to the release of..........'My Kind of Crazy", this is Kerri with Craig, lead guitar! and a familiar face in there who is always helping Indie Artists (CLo)! 


Kerri Leigh

I asked Kerri the two questions I always ask to try and let you readers know where the artist is coming from;
If you were leaving the planet and could only take one album with you, which would you take?
And if you could perform with anyone who would it be?

 I have so many influences in music in all genres but if it were my choice  to take one album with me forever I'd have to choose Garth Brooks "Greatest Hits"  I could listen to that album forever, over and over again! Its amazing and so is his voice.  I have been influenced by so many people from Mariah Carrie, Whitney, Reba, Faith Hill and Shania Twain to name a few but if I ever had the chance to sing with one person on stage I'd have to say I'd be honored if I could share the stage with Martina McBride.  She is just incredible. Her voice says it all.

 "My Kind Of Crazy"  This single is about being who you are and loving it.  I wrote this song with Craig Wilson.  He is also the producer on this song.

           SEE YOU ALL AUGUST 22d!!

follow; Pete Carma 

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  1. Kerri Leigh is a terrific performer, and the songs are amazing! This show will not disappoint, and I can't wait to see it!