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Erin Pellnat, 'Jean Fight'..Artists in New York, Part Ten

The first time I saw Erin Pellnat she was singing back up for a band that broke up shortly after that. But I knew there was a spirit and a voice there that would find it's way.

So fast forward about a year and a half to last Friday night when me and Greta Panettieri stopped in to see Erin and her newly formed band 'Jean Fight' for the first time.

I told Greta I didn't know what we should expect, I knew she had energy and a voice...
Greta (one of the best singers on the planet) said ...Pete, let's just go and support her!

Erin Pellnat
...well the show was terrific. We loved the music and that energy I spoke of was a perfect compliment to that wonderfully powerful voice!
OK, so now you know if you read this blog at all, Erin Pellnat is on my radar and you will be hearing lots more about her!!

Erin, tell me how New York City influences you, your life and your music?

 I've been singing practically my entire life, but I won't lie. There was a bit of time after I graduated high school that I wasn't mentally prepared to face my life's work. 

I went to SUNY Purchase for two years studying liberal arts the first year and, in a fit of desperation for musical sustenance, opera the second year. Opera wasn't me at all, though I gave it my all. 

I took a year off and moved to New York City, which was the fall of 2009. I've never looked back. The moment I moved here, the little devil on my shoulder that wanted me to 'goof off' and prolong doing any kind of real work had vanished. Ever since then, I've been singing and writing and doing everything I can to make my musical career/dream as fruitful and fulfilling as possible. Maybe it's the people. Maybe it's the hustle bustle. Maybe it's the artistic surroundings. I don't know how to explain it....
                                          New York just does that to you.

Erin Pellnat & 'Jean Fight'
  If you were leaving the planet and could only take one album with you
which would you take?

 Oh boy! That's a tough one. I've been influenced by so many records of so many genres. To choose JUST ONE. Well, my head keeps coming back to one over and over...."No Doubt" - Tragic Kingdom. No Doubt was my first obsession. My dad printed out all the lyrics at work and brought them home for me to learn. I recorded myself on my karaoke machine singing that album.  I wanted to be Gwen Stefani so badly as a child. I swore I'd have a band just like her where I was the only girl. Look at me now!! ;) Yes. Definitely Tragic Kingdom.

 2. If you could perform with anyone, who would it be?

Now THERE'S an answer I don't have to think about at all. Sia Furler. She is my favorite singer. If I ever make it big, she's the first person I'm contacting for a collaboration. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY can sing like that chick. And what a great all-around artist! She astounds me constantly. Oh, and she has a new album coming out! Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

 my thanks to Erin Pellnat for taking the time to be 'Artist in New York' # 10 in my series.
I hope this will introduce you to her, and you will GET OUT and support this wonderful Indie Artist.

the EP...for 'Jean Fight' available here:

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