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Jade Simmons, EP Release 'Playing With Fire', Apple Store Concert!

'Playing With Fire' is a phrase that is used to warn someone. The warning is you are now entering a danger zone, the unknown.
That's nothing new for Jade Simmons, AKA Superwoman!

Her first step into the unknown was her previous CD, Revolutionary Rhythm  a successful attempt to take Classical and bring in a new audience, it worked for me!

Jade Simmons

"Cyber Digs of Multifaceted Pianist Jade Simmons" is the quote on her site, about 'Playing With Fire' but I see it as a bit more!
This is a woman, who was born to bring her music to the public... I see her as ever morphing, and this is just another niche on the handle of her gun.

The Album:
'Boss's Nova' it! This tune infers a bit of Bossa Nova, smooth, and then Jade throws in some 'funk'... and of course that combo always gets sexy!
Video: 'Boss's Nova'

'Sean Michael' need to pay attention on this one! Some Synth, some turntable scratchin, a Latin rhythm in the mix, and the athleticism of Jade on the keys, it's scary what they create here.

'Fire' a great title for this tune. It's like looking at a Fire, it takes your mind and relaxes it. You just kinda trust what you are hearing to entertain you, like watching a 'Fire'.  

'Dolphy To The Death' is the 'heaviest' piece on the EP. It shows you just how talented Jade is as a pianist, she excels. This is the tune that reveals what's inside Jade, the voice that tells her DO MORE, reach out explore...the unknown, "play with fire!"

'Fire (Rap Version)'....really cool!

....totally enjoyed this!

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