StreetcredMusic...This blog has followed a quote I heard many years ago..."Sometimes you must leap first, and build your wings on the way down". From nothing it has become a blog containing dozens of Indie artists. Follow me as I introduce you to them, from the place where they breed, New York City! ....and come with us as we document it on film!!

COVER: ..Badass Women, New York City

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Photos From 'StreetcredMusic' the movie and New York City!! is a montage of photos from all the shooting we have done so far on 'StreetcredMusic' my documentary film.  Enjoy!

Yuli and me
Sonia Montez, Greta, me.
Greta and 'Charmin Ultra'
Clara, belting out 'Hurricane' for the first time!
Clara, Craig Wilson
Cocktail time, Sarah Manning, Clara
Crew; Peter Steusloff, Tami Meir and Gio
Jazz Man Joe Alterman and Sarah Manning getting ready to Jammm!
Yuli's kool kicks!
Clara at Vivaldi shoot!
The one and only, Bekka Lindstrom, on her rooftop apartment..
more cocktails, with the 'other' one and only Sarah Zar!

The amazing ladies of 'Hydra'  Rima Fand, Yuli and Sarah Small!!
 more coming....'like' our page...'StreetcredMusic' the film

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