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I Spoke with Greta Panettieri, her thoughts on Umbria Jazz Festival!

 My thanks to Greta Panettieri, and to Gege Telesforo! They have taken time from a grueling schedule, to chat with me and sent photos!!!!   

 Greta:  "9 shows in 5 days!!
Gege'Telesforo and the NuJoy Band with Gege' Telesforo , Arnaldo Santoro, Domenico Sanna, Fratello Joseph Bassi, Roberto Pistolesi and myself...
Orvieto,Umbria, Dec 28th 2012 thru  Jan 1st 2013..."
 Gege' Telesforo  & Greta
 "Every show was sold out and even more, we had to  make people move to walk on stage....every show has been a trip into our hearts and souls, every show the people that were listening to us responded with so much enthusiasm and love, that even though we had 2 shows a day ( not easy considering all the energy we spent ) we couldn't wait to be on again...we sang we played, we shared our feelings ,we cried some tears, we cheered to the New Year ,we met new friends , talked deep and stupid things, we jammed, we walked around....over all we Jazzed It Out!!!"

Greta: "Peace and love Pete, to you and all the people that support your blog, ~ your vision and this great place that is ~StreetcredMusic~ off to a new journey tomorrow, but I will keep sending new pics and some thoughts~
ciao ciao e Buon Anno a tutti!!!"
Gege, ~Greta ~Kurt Elling
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Gretatze, thanks for the kind words!!!!   CU Soon!

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