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Svetlana Shmulyian, at 'The Back Room' Monday night gig in New York City!

Me and Kayce McGehee dancin? Me and Clara Lofaro dancin? What could make that happen?
..........Svetlana Shmulyian and the Delancey Five!

It will happen to you too if you go to the 'Back Room' Speakeasy on Monday nights.
102 Norfolk St, down the alley to the door!  ...and you better know the password! 


Clara Lofaro

The music: well I was not around in the 1920's but this was the atmosphere and the decor that I think a Speakeasy would have had. The one thing I know a speakeasy had was great music, and Svetlana and the Delancey Five were terrific. Amazing musicians, and the charm and smooth style of Svetlana
were a time machine back to that era!

.....the women with me were all singers/songwriters...all I heard from them was "she's wonderful, she's beautiful, that dress is awesome, I love her!!"


I frequent many, many venues in New York City, the people with me do too, they were all writers of politics and musicians, and we were all amazed at the atmosphere we walked into. Once you get by the door, it just like you see in the's all about fun! A different world!

It's a musical tour of the American Song Book of that time...Gershwin tunes were featured, but the set list brought back many of the great tunes, with Svetlana's personal touch! What a great night!!

Svetlana makes it all happen!! If you are in New York City on a Monday night...get there!!

Here's a new CD from the band!

Get the password for the night and all the upcoming gigs  click here!

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