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'Kiss Slash Crooked Smile' ~Yulix~Electrified!

It has been my pleasure to be a friend of the 'Hive' for a couple of years now. The Bees are the nicest, most talented people in New York City. This 'front' as Yula Beeri the Hive creator puts it (as she performs her wonderful music on 4 fronts) is 'Kiss Slash Crooked Smile'.

This was the origin of the group:  It was originally Yulix and Assi Spector; an acoustic duo. they are, from the Doc film 'StreetcredMusic'  ..'Keep Me Satisfied'

Assi Spector, Yula Beeri (Yulix)
Well as always, with the 'ever morphing' Yula, she has taken her 'cross any genre' music to a new level!

The duo has add drummer extraordinaire, Stefano Baldasseroni, and some electrification, and here they are......Thanks to Assi for sending their latest 'live' videos!!

Here is 'Kiss slash Crooked Smile' Live last week!

NYC...keep your eyes wide: and they will appear at a venue near you!

Here is another 'live' video from their latest show!! ENJOY...KSCS! 

Check out the Hive! 

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