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Rosita Kess, CD, "Nothern Sky"

"Northern Sky" could be the most eclectic CD I have heard is a while. It's a wonderful mix of jazz, pop, one tune that says "country" a taste of a French Cafe, and some good old New Orleans,
Trombone leadin' the pack, home spun fun.

...all beautifully done by Rosita Kess!   
    The diversity of the album just reflects the background of the artist. Born in Venice, Italy, spending time in Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, London and New York City and now in New Orleans, a more complete exposure to music would be hard to find.


The opening cut is "The Blind Painter" it grabbed me from the jump. A stone cold lover of  AfroJazz...
...this one hit home with me....terrific rhythm, and percussion and add to that the lyrics that tell the story of a fading love affair, and you have winner #1.

"Tell Me" is a tune that is a blues and I mean some solid, bass leadin melodic line blues, that is just down to where the blues need to be. ..."so tell me baby do you think about me...there's a big blue ocean, in between...and the Moon is wild just like it use to tell me baby do you think about me?"
...a standout tune!!

Then on cut four we visit a small Bistro in Paris, well at least that's what this tune makes you feel. I was waiting for "The Little Sparrow" to enter. The tune is "Leaving Alone"...hard for me to describe this one...A "Piaf like" beautifully done original.  A tune and lyrics that do total justice to the genre!!
I hit replay on this one a few times.

"Waiting For The Show" filled with the Barcelona rhythm and I don't know Rosita that well, but I suspect a bit of a self portrait. This poetic lyric set to a Latin rhythm seems to have a bit of personal experience attached.
"you look in her eyes and only see, the lover you imagine her to be...but she don't wanna see the light...
she just wants to feel the night...and you know.....she's getting ready for the show!

"Where Should I Go" as country as you can get and Rosita delivers it right on the mark again! The twangin' guitar, the sad but sassy delivery by Rosita, delivered a total surprise to me...a very solid "Country" number....and again done with respect for the genre, it could stand the scrutiny of a country critic.

...every tune on this album deserves a paragraph of it's own, 12 originals, all top shelf!
...Thanks to the "Italian connection" for putting me in touch with Rosita!

Rosita Kess, has range and versatility at her command, what a beautiful music experience this CD is!

I urge you to get a copy:

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