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The Lost Star, 'Red Is Not A Safe Color', A Seductive New CD.

She teased me for an evening in Chicago, BUT, she fled back to Paris!
Shame on me.........can't blame her, Chicago~~Paris, no contest!

'The Lost Star' AKA Contessina Medici has now captured me completely, or perhaps I have captured her?

The Lost Star
...she has released through music, her incredibly seductive nature and love of all art forms.
...and I have it!!

It's called 'Red Is Not A Safe Color'. It's very difficult for me to describe in words, it's the feeling and emotion it emits, that makes it's mark on you.


Her opening attack comes with 'Zorina'. 
"She carries a loaded gun...shooting light into illusions"   "Making love into the night, She melts into a sigh....take me once more, this is how I die"
To a passionate beat of bass and drums..........a very erotic potion.


Then:: once she has you 'under', you get a lesson on how to::
'Diamond Lil' a 'gold digger' enters... to an 19th Century America 'Wild West' melodic line, with flowered petticoats adorned.
"Her name was Lilly, Now it's Diamond Lil...Her visions twenty, twenty...She always sparkles plenty....Her hand on the trigger, they call her digger"

 This ever so sexy, but at all times classy CD, is a joy to have. It's soooo different from the norm.
The theme is so universal, yet Contessina makes it not only entertaining musically,
but the lyrics are matched to a 'T'.'s an insider, giving us a lesson in being a woman!

**I'm sorry, can you excuse me for a moment, I need a respite. I'll be back shortly to try to review one more enchanting tune. (sigh)*

'Out of Time' a seduction. The drums, the rhythm, just move one to an erotic state of mind.
...and once more the words lead you on to follow this Lost Star.
"Trace with my fingers...Wishes with my mind...Something wild is stirring, In this heart of mine...."

"Pearls are a girls best friend"
Eleven sessions of love are included, all aimed at YOU.. Enjoyable!!

I will feature the CD on my blogtalkradio show, this Sunday, at 11AM, ET in America. can listen live or 'on demand':: here is the link to radio show:

Get the CD on this site::Lost Star  ~or of course ITunes.

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