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Clara Lofaro's 'Born To Love You' Remix.

Little did I know that when 'Pop' star Clara Lofaro ~
...let my blog and Youtube page shoot a video of her doing a live performance of her tune, 'Born To Love You' in April, that it would have become a 'chart busting' dance tune.

The original version done as 'pop' with the amazing video, would have been enough to satisfy most any other indie artist. Not the hardest working woman in Indie Music.

Clara getting ready for 'Born To Love You' video shoot
Just as the B2LU video was taking off, Clara decided to dance with it! And as is the case with all of her writings, it held up in another genre. Born to:: Remix me!

I am familiar with Clara's songbook, it's a treasure of tunes and melodic lines, just waiting to be unearthed.  Her previous two CD's, 'Clara Lofaro' and 'Perfekt World' are brilliant. They are deep, and sometime autobiographical, wisely mixed with message tunes and some prose style, universal lyrics.

So it comes as no surprise to me and her fan base, that B2LU, passed a long time friend of mine Donna Summer, on the Billboard Dance Charts last month!
It was 'song of the day' this week on NoteableDance Magazine  web page!

Clara::I would like to mention my amazing team at~ Intrepid Music Group~ Pitch Control Marketing~ Duffy Macri and Joe Berinato.

Clara just returned from a tour of  her native Canada, (Toronto). She is back in New York City, to continue writing and performing to the delight of all of us NYers.
So, the word is out, New York City, get out to see, this wonderful performer, Clara Lofaro!! 

Enjoy::'Born To Love You'

PS...American Idol Finalist  Erika Van Pelt just released an album 'My Independence' that features three of Clara's tunes.
.....and this video of Clara's 'Hurricane'

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