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Greta's Bakery, Greta Panettieri, New Album>>'Under Control'

The Diva, Greta Panettieri has done it again!

Greta Panettieri, 'Greta's Bakery'
 Greta, along with, arranger, producer, pianist, Andrea Sammartino has put together ten wonderful tunes for the album 'Under Control'.

The work features a duet with Greta and Curtis King Jr a long time friend of Greta's, who sings with
Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, on the first cut of the album, 'Lover'. A great tune that speaks of lovers who express "long time, no see" a beautiful melody that lingers with you.

Another contributor to the work is Los Angeles producer, and musician, Larry Willians. Williams aided in the production and has an amazing sax solo on 'My Angel', a tune that mixes him with Greta in a jazz, soul tune made from love!

  Larry Williams
Greta included one cover tune: Michael Jackson's...'I Just Can Stop Loving You'.
Greta doesn't imitate the tune, she inhabits it. What a wonderful showcase this arrangement is for her!
Her velvet smooth tone, with the phrasing that sets Greta apart from most singers, and this marvelous interpretation, has that melody stuck in my head, great number! 
here is a video of:: 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You'

Greta personalizes every tune she sings, she is loved by a pop audience as well as her huge jazz following. This album will please them both. A wonderful potpourri of original tunes available November 7th, 2013.

Greta at Umbria, Jazz Fest

Eleven tunes in all, I have no favorite, yet. The work is truly a labor of love, here is what Great had to say about the making of 'Under Control'  Greta's words!

...also contributing in the writing was NYer, artists, Jennie Booth

The album will be available November 7th, 2013...on all on/line venues and on this web site::
Greta's site! 
Greta has a unique idea for a hard copy CD to distribute too, stay tuned!!

And of course the Diva will be back in NYC for some live shows in January!!
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