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StreetcredMusic, Introducing, 'Fond Of Rudy'

I came across a band from the UK, this week, 'Fond of Rudy'.
I thought they would be a good fit with what I do here, support young independent artists.
So, here they are::

 'Fond Of Rudy'

Matt Ahwal: from the band...
  "Okay sooo 'Fond Of Rudy'…between the four of us, we mix together a blend of Rock, Indie-Pop and slightly Alternative music. We're a band of four members (Matt, Paul, Tom and Billy) and every individual draws different musical influences to the 'Creation Station' let's call it…haha.

Billy's drums and Tom's bass provide a solid cement for our music, which is layered with further live percussion and synthesized samples.   (All of our own work of course!)

Once described as "Wolf like" vocals with a hint of reverberated harmonies, breezy riffage and keys are placed on top of the rhythmic base, which creates a unique sound for our music. Although saying this... what genre our music can be best placed in, we leave down to listeners…we don't particularly know ourselves! 

Already in motion are plans for the release of our debut EP, with a campaign for the release 'TBA' and kicking off shortly…watch this space! 

A big old rethink to our outlook and performance has been ongoing over the past year with some exciting new sounds being produced as a result. We hope to portray these new sounds to new/old/live audiences with the release of the EP. ...One step at a time. For our next challenge…a campaign and the studio!"
 That's the 411 so far, now enjoy their music, and as Matt said, you'll be seeing more of them here!
                                        Fond Of Rudy, video:: 'To Be Mine'

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