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StreetcredMusic: Tessa Lena, On Derogatory Words.

Sometimes you go about your day and do normal, everyday things, and then there is a sudden crack in the context and you think, wtf?

Like, a juxtaposition of that trashy Nicki Minaj video I quoted recently, and a print ad inside a philharmonic program: "Luxury holiday crafted for travelers with a passion for the arts, music, conversation, and theater". And how is class warfare a conspiracy theory?

While the ghetto folk (quote) "sit on their big butts and stare at the titties", the sophisticated folk are having gently curated, vanity-flavored conversations. Both are mercilessly leeched and guided into impotence. 

On a side note, if I were a hypothetical, sci-fi evil tyrant filled with contempt for nature and indigenous, non-Roman cultures, I would be very pleased with celebrated individuals of African descent publicly jumping up and down like lobotomized clowns and calling themselves "RICH NIGGAZ" and "BOSS NIGGAZ" (that be a quote from Nicki Minaj's official lyrics video). Just saying.
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