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Tessa Lena, On Rebellion?

 We gave them the idea that consuming is an act of defiance.” These words from The Target Shoots First are burning in my blood, making me desperate that I am here on this Earth, face to face with a million awful and lovable zombies. A couple of days ago a friend posted on his Facebook, “I am a Rock’n’Roll rebel”. When I read this I became angry, because rebellion has been sold to the rats. Please, honey. Shopping at Trash and Vaudeville is not rebellion

 'Tessa Makes Love'

 I grew up in the Soviet Union and I remember the slight feeling of danger associated with alternative clothing or non-government music. But here on the East Coast, a rocker outfit is not a risk factor. What rebellion? Co-branded liberation is an oxymoron. Those bastards set a profit margin on everything including love and punk rock! What do I do?

It feels like I’ve lived for a hundred years. I’ve seen this story so many times…shiny eyes, early college, do the band thing, cool friends, face reality, need money, get a job, realize that the band thing was just a fun thing to do, and be totally cool with it. I am all grown up, I don’t think there is anything wrong with this story because it only means that they can live without it for now but…

But zombies!
When I hear high school kids bring up fashion rebellion, I see a boring marketing room and cynical people talking about zombie strategies and a tasty bottom line.
No, honey, you are not a Rock’n 'Roll rebel. You are a sweet child who has been lied to.

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