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StreetcredMusic, From Los Angeles, Gina Carey

I would like all my New York City songstresses to take a 'slide step' to your right. I want to bring in a soul sister from LA.
Gina Carey has a great new CD coming in three weeks, release date is set for February 10th, 2015.

 ...have a look at the single 'Dance' from The Soul Singer

                          Enjoy the video:: 'Dance' HERE:

Born in Chicago and raised in Los Angles, Gina Carey, is a woman of many talents. Her soulful and yet angelic tone is unique, and can be easily identified in all of her recordings. Gina's soulful delivery, takes listeners back to the era where R&B and Soul music dominated.


Take it from me, born and raised on R&B, Gina is the real deal, I can't wait to hear the entire CD!

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  1. Thank you Pete! I am most grateful for this honor! This is really nice! You are an angel! God bless you for your kindness! :)