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StreetcredMusic: Tessa Lena, 'Virus Of Fear'

My friend, Tessa Lena is a musician living in New York. Her professional background is in classical piano, ethnomusicology, linguistics, and computers. She fronts the band Tessa Makes Love
........Robots are on her $hit list.

She captured me in our very first meeting with her charm, intellect, and her outspokenness.
....her opinions and her music are a 'step out' of what musicians usually have to say.
...She really wants to inflect information on her followers, not the bullshit we are all being force fed.
...for me being a relative newcomer to music and its 'conveyor belt' mentality,
     ...she has shined a light   into the dark corners of the music $$biz!

Here is her take on some recent events:
Tessa:: "I think a lot about people, I observe, I feel, I try to understand their inside before I listen to their ideas. It is so, so obvious that we all differ by individual qualities (and how we choose to deal with our highs and lows) a lot more than by our self-identifying religion, race or political ideology. People who choose good, figure out a humane version of their ideology. When they see another person, they see a human who, just like them, bleeds red. People who are broken on the inside, are attracted to ignorance and a hard punch, because identity is electricity. It drives and supports.

The Band 'Tessa Makes Love'

If one’s cultural self-image leads to aggression or discrimination against others, it’s a sure sign that the person got a virus of fear, no matter what the ideology is. A Muslim supremacist and a Jewish supremacist might hate each other but they are, essentially, one person. They carry and feed the same virus. The person who feels that he is more special because he is white, and the person who feels that he is more special because his black, are the same person. And yes, they might treat you better or worse depending on whether you are “one of their own”, but something on the inside is so poisonous about it. There is a sea of a difference between the camaraderie we all feel towards compatriots (especially when abroad) and acting as if “our kind” is actually closer to God."

I have stolen (with her permission) several other articles from Tessa, type 'Tessa Lena' in the search box to see them....

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