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StreetcredMusic: Jade Simmons, Black History Month, at Elgin Community College

In keeping with Black History Month the wonderful folks at Elgin Community College were able to get Jade Simmons, for a two day residency. Jade is a friend and Elgin is in my back yard, so, lucky me.
First a 'hats off' to ECC and the wonderful women there who made this happen and also extended their hospitality to me.

Joyce Fountain, Sociology Instructor

Toya Webb, Media
The concert, event, and Q&A that I attended was as energetic, informative and as entertaining as it could be.
For Black History Month, especially in Illinois, who better than Jade. A former Miss Chicago, Miss Illinois and then first runner up Miss America. A child who in South Carolina was taken to a KKK Rally by her dad, where she was exposed to the most disgraceful verbal attacks one could imagine.
 And in her adult life was asked by a patron at one of her concerts to show her to her seat, thinking she was an usher.
So the 'history' was vividly brought to light to the young people of ECC, in the Jobe Lounge in 2015.

Jade Simmons
 Jade took that 'history' and built on it, to be one of the most influential women in America. 
She has performed at the White House, Moscow, and, at her favorite, Rachmaninoff's house where
she was able to play his own piano.
Also known by me and all of her followers as the 'Rebel' of classical music, she mixes in all kinds of beats to her work.
I have reviews of Jade's two previous CDs, 'Revolutionary Rhythm' and 'Playing With Fire'
....just type her name in the 'search' of this blog.
Jade has boundless energy for her music and communicating. She reaches people with a straight from the shoulder approach that is based on her vast experiences in life and music.     
         She comes prepared for her audience. The almost 2 hour seminar yesterday just flew by.  

Here is a Rap/Classic that Jade closed the show with yesterday.
Wonderful time!

Jade will be in NYC:: February 27th. at a great venue~~SubCulture
get tickets here:  Jade at SubCulture, TKS
Thanks Jade Simmons and ECC!

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