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StreetcredMusic: Sonia Eden, Songstress.

A short while ago, I met Sonia Eden via twitter, checked out her music and loved it. She represents everything I want to support on my blog. A desire to created, work with great people and just get her message out. She gives of herself in her music, you can feel the vibes she creates. Please enjoy her words and then some of her great work.

Sonia Eden

 Hello Pete,
I'm a island girl at heart and by heritage...I hail from Barbados...I've always been passionate about music and after spending my days in a job I hated (hiding out in the bathroom so I could write song lyrics and hum out melody ideas in my voice recorder) I decided to pursue my dream full time. I just wanted to write, create and be a part of beautiful music and the process of creating it.
I want to work with brilliant musicians, connect with awesome people and grow as an artist.
My music is about my passion...I hope people feel something when they hear it...I hope it moves them...makes their day a little brighter.
I'm currently writing material for my second CD...a follow up to 'Truth Love and Life'.
Sonia video:: 'It's a Beautiful Day'     Sonia video:: 'I'm Not Over Love'

Sonia Eden
...Pete, Once again may thanks for this opportunity. Please also send me your links and any other information you deem relevant so that I can spread the word about your shows and all the work  you do.
 Please use the links below to follow Sonia and be ready for her next CD!!
Sonia Eden :: On Facebook      Sonia on:: TWITTER     Get the CD:: 'Truth Love and Life'
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  1. It has taken me a little while to get to know Sonia as much as I have, it did start off rather slow I must admit, with the odd comment here and there, and I still don't know her all that well.
    But what I do know of Sonia is she is a very nice person, makes and sings very nice music in a style of her own and I find it very enjoyable. :)