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StreetcredMusic: Conjuring Up A 'Tempest' at The HiveNYC

Once again TheHiveNYC is giving New York City a wonderful, cultural event, come June.
A nonprofit arts space overflowing with young creators, they will conjure up a classic, Shakespeare's "The Tempest".

They are now giving us all a chance to contribute, and to help fund this wonderful event, that will run every Wednesday and Friday in June. They are not asking to make a profit, they just want to make expenses. (space, utilities for that space, sets, dry ice, transportation, printing programs, etc.)

Contribute: HERE!

I was at at recent rehearsal, here is some info on the production::
The director will be Kate Szekely, who will also play the role of Prospero, her most favorite role.
The score will be done by Yula Beeri. There will be a cast of 11 very talented young people. A movement and vocal director, a choreographer, and Ariel will be played by Emilly Ben Ami.

Director, Kate Szekely:: "This will be a really collaborative production, I'm taking everything the actors can give me, and making it into an organism that self builds".

                                          Opening night is June 3d!!

Here are Director, Kate (r) and Yula watching Kelly McAuliffe. 

Yula Beeri, (Kelly McAuliffe), and director Kate Szekely, at TheHive.

  The Tempest
Director Kate, 3d from left, with part of the cast.

A message from the cast~~~By Video

The fund raiser will run for another 5 weeks, please if you can, no matter how small, help a totally nonprofit Arts Space, TheHiveNYC, bring this classic to us all!

Contribute here:: The Tempest          ... Get TheHive, news letter:: HERE

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