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StreetcredMusic: Sinatra Documentary, Cient'anni

I watched the documentary on Frank Sinatra, all four hours of, "All or Nothing At All".
It was good.

I didn't need the history lesson it provided. I was a Sinatra fan, saw him live many times, and knew most of it, but still enjoyed the footage and the quotes from his peers. I met Sinatra on three occasions, Atlantic City, Vegas and at the United Nations. Had a conversation with him for several minutes at the UN, while waiting for the Secretary General, Kurt Waldheim, to arrive for a photo op.

I though the most insightful comments in the film came from Mia Farrow. She was open about him and her, and from what I know of her that's what I expected.

Sinatra & Mia Farrow
I want to caution all the young independent musicians/vocalists out there about viewing this film.
Some of you may think it science fiction, while others may take it as a devastating blow to your dreams.
You see this documents how back in the day, if you had talent, the powers to be would seek you out.
Producers, movie people actually went out looking for talent. The film tells of Harry James the #1 band leader of the time driving to New Jersey to see Sinatra, and signing him on the spot.
He didn't ask how many 'likes' do you have.. are you on twitter.. make an EP and then call me.

Today the people in power have to be sure you are a merchandise machine that they can profit from,  from day one. Nobody sticks their neck out for you.

Sinatra 99 years ago.
It also showed that you could at one time, actually get access to the people in power just by knocking on doors...and you could speak out about issues, inequality, politics, unfair labor practices, AND
people would like you for it. That's something that is so missing in artists today.
Most artists seem to be content with the corporate conveyor belt to get them, well nowhere ...Sooo
This film may not be 4U.

This is the tune Sinatra told me was his favorite:: 'Don't Worry Bout Me'
      ...after saying there were many.

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