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StreetcredMusic: Release, The First Pianowomen Video, Kayce Laine

I met Kayce Laine 2012, she was playing keys and doing backup vocals for 
..........Gio Moretti. We were filming Gio's gig for my doc film.

I chose Kayce to be in the first shoot of Pianowomen, for her talent of course, and she's a friend. Kayce has been exposed to music her entire life, her dad is a wonderful musician....and she truly sets the bar for Pianowomen you will see. 

Kayce Laine, Live
 I wanted the three 'original' Pianowomen to be diverse in their styles, and to bring their original music.

I knew we would get some gems with this project and we hit the jackpot right from the jump!

Please enjoy, the first Pianowomen video: 
    ........Kayce Laine, "Echo"

>>While my docfilm remains on the shelf, until we can all get together for a showing, and final edit, I will continue to use my resources and continue with these marvelous women.

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