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StreetcredMusic: Songstresses, "Why I Left New York" ...Andrea.

  So many of the creative and talented women friends I've gained through this blog, doing shows, making videos and a film, are now gone. Like in, they left NYC. In most cases priced out, by the cost of housing.

  I asked a few of them if they would like to write about it here.
Some do, and I will be posting their words. Some will post their name, others want to do it anonymously, here's the latest in the series...
Andrea: From Broadway to LA.

"I found that people interested in theater were very serious and heavy. It was a very inbred group.
 I could not be a part of that. So, if I was going to be an actress, I would have to sing my way into it.
 I guess what I didn't like about theater on the academic level was the feeling of always being defeated.
 How could any 18-year-old girl be expected to play Amanda in The Glass Menagerie? You just couldn't be successful at what you were doing. 
 And although I might not have then been able to articulate this, I must have sensed it at the time"
In my move to Los Angeles, I gave up the convenience of my Manhattan apartment. In return I got sunshine every day, and the option of singing, TV, and acting, all in the garden basket. 
Having roles on some of the longest running TV shows, a "New Star of the Year" at the  Golden Globe Awards, AND I still managed to get back to Broadway to do 3 shows.
So, there is life after The Big Apple. 
Thank you Pete!

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