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StreetcredMusic: Why I Left New York City Part Vl

  So many of the creative and talented women friends I've gained through this blog, doing shows, making videos and a film, are now gone. Like in, they left NYC. In most cases priced out, by the cost of housing.

  I asked a few of them if they would like to write about it here.
Some do, and I will be posting their words. Some will post their name, others want to do it anonymously, here's the latest in the series...

 Emily, is a friend of Streetcred for six years, 
...She came to NYC from Idaho in 2012

"Boy have I wanted to do this, how long, 4 years or so.

I want to focus on one area, being a performing musician in New York City.

It sucks. Unless you want to teach, work a day job, a service job, or as I did,

drive for Lyft. Any of the above kill your creative time and desire.

I'm greedy and wanted to earn some money performing, and step up to the next level.
Level: Living off my music alone.
I did, once I acquired a 'reliable' agent. Which required money from my pocket, which required more money coming in. So it was a war of attrition. Yes there were lots of jobs working for others, for a starvation fee.

So an all out war ensued. I lost, well, I retreated.
The enemy had too many weapons. Weather, transportation, parking, taxes,
competition, time, and corporate venues overwhelmed my emotional forces.

And, yes, I retreated. To of all places New Mexico. I was fighting a war on too many fronts.
Now, I was able to make a CD (coming at U soon)
I work for a music company, can pay my bills and still have lots of time to create for myself.

I don't miss NYC, I miss you, and a handful of others. I kept my AirTrain pass on my farewell flight from JFK.
I sleep with my windows and door open all year. I have a residency at two clubs, and write on my own scheduled.

The glitter if you will, of NYC, to me is just a reflection bouncing off the big companies and distribution moguls.
Rejection is their way of keeping control."

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