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Yula Be'eri...Welcome To The "Hive"

Yula Be'eri and the Extended Family a funky, punky, cross over to all jenre's group of very talented musicians. Yula herself will not put a tag on the type of music they project, if you force her to, she will say Ro-Punk, a romantic punk.

I would say it is music that will make you feel good, jump dance and just admire what you are seeing from the stage. They are more then just music they are an experience.
They had the dance floor at the Rockwood Music Hall "jumping"...and the Rockwood doesn't have a dance floor!

Yula herself (vocals, keyboard, guitar) is up front and she commands your attention, but, as in a every good theatrical performance the supporting cast is superb.
The ensemble of the horns, guitar, bass and keys and Sarah whalin' away on musical saw, and the change in tempo keeps you focused, thinking  "what next" from this projection of music and emotion you are seeing and hearing. 

This group is more then their music the are truly and extended family, and according to Yula growing all the time. They call it their "Hive" and I think I'm welcome in! 

A Hive of their music and their life style full of love and spreading joy, this I can tell you first hand.

They just knocked me over and will do the same to you. Charming ladies, accomplished musicians,
hard hitting lyrics and a KO sound...get out and see them!

The Family;  Sarah Zar, vocals/musical saw, Daniel J Gerstle, guitar/bass, Mike Cuttita, cellist,

Kate Campbell, trumpet, Rob "Robitussin" Meyer, and Kevin Taylor, trombones, Steve Zeniuk, sax

Issac Gardner, drums/sound effects, and Roy Gurel, bass/guitar. 


I told you it was a growing family, managed by Kriss Manchena. They will be releasing a new album in 2011.

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