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He Said~She Said...Dave Brubeck~Aziza Mustafa Zadeh.. Both "Take Five"

If there is a more universal jazz tune than "Take Five" what is it?
I continue my battle of the musical sexes with the Brubeck classic.

Pianist Dave Brubeck, pioneer of progressive jazz, inventor of time signatures, leader of the Dave Brubeck Quartet, who have to this day the #3 all time top selling jazz album "Time Out", and is truly a living legend, goes first...
...listen to the Maestro, composer of the classic "Take Five"
Got that? You ready to travel through another dimension now? A dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind?
Aziza Mustafa Zadeh, is the pilot, hold on and don't look down. She's Streetcred's #1 girl!

....fasten you safety belt, and please, for your own safety, remain seated.... 

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