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Kimberly Gordon, The CD is "Sunday"

Sunday's are special on the North Side of Chicago. They are owned by Kimberly Gordon!
Her weekly gig at the Green Mill is a wonderful mix of classic jazz presented in a warm and hospitable format by the Kimberly Gordon Organ Trio, guest artists, and a few tunes from other genre that Kimberly selects to give the nights a taste of quality music and fun!

Kimberly has a CD available now called "Sunday" on which she gives the listener a taste of what a Sunday night is like at the Green Mill. Once you have seen her live, you will need a copy of the CD.
It will take you back to her live show and let you recreate the great time you had!

The number one cut on the CD is the title tune "Sunday"...a silky smooth rendition of the classic.
Kimberly tells you how her week goes.. "after payday, that is my fun day, I get my groove on Sunday,
that is the day....when I'm with you!  Chris Foreman organ and Andy Brown guitar round out the trio and take a few bars to themselves on this one and make a swingin' success.

"I Sold My Heart to the Junkman"...What a great tune and Kimberly talks it to you with a sass and complete control of the lyric, she makes it a story worth listening to!
Andy Brown's guitar solo is a treat! Then Kimberly finishes the tune with the attitude the writers wanted, sad but not finished! She'll "never fall in love again"...

"Bein' Green" ...Joe Raposo's tune written for Kermit the Frog, and previously recorded by Lena Horne, is done here by Kimberly and it's by far the best rendition I have heard. This seems like a simple tune for a puppet, but it's much deeper and profound and Kimberly gives it the respect it deserves as she delivers the message. What a great arrangement!

Ten tunes in all on this entertaining disc. "So Danco Samba"  "I'm Confessin"  "I'm Beginning to see the Light"  "Ordinary Fool"  "Robbins Nest"  "Dream a Little Dream of Me"  and "Love You Madly"
complete the listening pleasure.

Kimberly is a delight, the trio is wonderful, the Green Mill on a Sunday night is worth the trip.
...and the CD hits the mark for "keeping the music alive".

You can also catch Kimberly on Saturday nights at the Peninsula Hotel, in Chicago.

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