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'Moon Fool'~Anna Helena Mclean, 'Titania' Comes to Chicago

~~ "Pete Carma has asked me to write some words, because I'm coming to Chicago with 'Titania", a one woman musical adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream. People have called the show "exotic, delightful, and brilliant" and it's certainly a great joy to perform from my side. I'm playing at The Trap Door Theater at 8pm on the 20th and 21st April."

Anna Helena Mclean: 'Moon Fool'

 ...I first noticed Anna Helena Mclean (Moon Fool) when she performed with 'Hydra' three women I love, in NYC last year. That was the only credential she needed to impress me. She lives in the United Kingdom. So here we are a year later and she will be in Chicago and I'll be there!!

'Titania' ..

"The solo musical cabaret combines live vocals and cello with electronic looping to tell the Queen of the Fairies' often trivialized storyline. The spine of the show is original music running like a concept album, confessing a life in love. Then mid way the piece turns ritual and breaks down the boundary between audience and performer with the aim of opening up the woods of the psyche and its limitless possibilities."

 "I come from quite an unusual background traveling with my mother's theater company and inspired by an instrument (violins and cellos) building father from Denmark. On graduating I lived for 7 years in rural extremes of Poland, learning somewhat esoteric skills in experimental physical theater before joining a Swedish circus troupe with interest in social change. I now continue experimenting with the boundaries of music, theater and art and dream about building large scale ensemble total art works. With that in mind I recently set up what I call the 'ACT' ensemble. That's short for ACTOR - CHORUS - TEXT~ a practice I have devised to empower performers of varied abilities and backgrounds to create original work. Our priorities are trust, partnership and form."

"Titania is a completely new domain for me personally and professionally. It's a kind of personal poem told through music and framed as theater. The main thing I've discovered about playing it is that it's the least lonely thing I've done in my life and wherever I take it and whenever I play I am profoundly humbled by the fact that something genuine and alive always takes place. This gives me faith in true love and that is all I can ask."

...Hope you will make it...Anna Helena Mclean.

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April 20th & 21st, Chicago, 8 PM.....The Trap Door Theater

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