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Chicago Songstress~ Julia Huff.

I met Julia Huff last week at Katerina's. I was there for a later show but caught most of her set.
The voice man, the voice caught me, surrounded me...power!

Julia Huff
 I got to chat with her a bit, and I asked her to introduce herself to you guys, I always like to have you know who I'm writing about and their personality, their wonderful music will speak for itself.

"All I have to say is my music is my life. It is the reason why I IS my making and as I always sing, I am livin my life like it's Golden!!

I am a former news reporter, with a broadcast degree turned vocalist. I have NEVER looked back.
My God given gift of voice has taken me all over the world and it has been nothing but an all inspiring joy ride.  In reality, my gift presents a number of challenges but there are regular triumphs and I suggest than anyone in my position step out on faith, believe in yourself, and watch what God can do.

I am grateful and committed to being the very best that I can be. That's what I believe success is all about. So onward and upward I go. Can't wait to see what happens next!!

One of the things I look for in an artists when I meet them is 'attitude'. Julia projected nothing but...Positive, Happy, Friendly, Loving Life....well, go check her out and you'll get surrounded as I did!

Julia Huff

Julia is at the 'M Lounge' ..the 1st Tuesday of every month!
Julia hosts a 'Jamm'..2d and 4th Monday of the April at 'Jazz Showcase'
Sunday April 7th...she will be at 'Buddy Guy's'

Julia will be featured on May 11th...'A Tribute To Phyllis Hyman' @
DuSable Museum of African American History, Chicago.

 The CD:
follow Julia Huff, get her music: HERE

Julia, thanks so much for taking time to meet my readers. I'll be seeing you soon!!

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