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Tracy Thorne~Album release, 'I Am That'

Sexy songstress Tracy Thorne, will have her album release show in New York City, at Rockwood Music Hall, Monday, March 11th, at 7PM!  The album is titled, 'I am That'.

Tracy Thorne
   Tracy is from Tennessee, now a New Yorker. This is her 'break through' album!

Tracy sent me the tunes in advance, I love them all. I have invited her to be my guest on my blogtalk radio show this week (Tues 3/5 at 2PM NYC time) to talk about her new venture and the gig coming up! We will be playing three of the tunes from the album.

Tracy: "I don’t want to give away too many surprises but I’ll say this:  Viola. Mandolin. Sass. Pizza & French Fries. Mellotron. The Aviator. Monkeys Inside Of Closet.  Some of these things may not make sense to you. Some of them still don’t make sense to me. But the album’s sounding great and that’s all that matters."

So there you go, that's reason enough to tune in to my blogtalkradio show OR,
get you butts down to Rockwood Music Hall ~~~~Monday March, 11th at 7PM!!

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