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On Women's Rights, for StreetcredMusic...Kenya Carter Davis

Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, Kenya Carter Davis is a friend of mine since 1980.
A great sense of humor, an over abundance of common sense, a background similar to mine...
being brought up in a ghetto, and having to fight you way to grow up, has welded us together.
Kenya got a job in the Casino Industry in Atlantic City in 1978, today she is Casino Manager of
a property in Colorado. Has two children, and is still married to William who she married in 1989.

Who better than Kenya to ask for a comment on women's rights; 

Kenya, circa 1990. (hahahaha)

 “But if God had wanted us to think with just our wombs, why did He give us a brain?”
Is one of my favorite quotes. Growing up in poverty, I saw so many young girls, I mean like 13-14 years old getting pregnant out of ignorance and the abuse they took from older men, it was a fear instilled on me, and in a way it may have spared me that fate.

My friends my cousins, most of them had their lives ruined because of pregnancy, grand parents, aunts and uncles had to be the earners for teenage parents, because those parents were unable to work because of their age and a lack of education.

I count my lucky stars that I escaped all that mess.

When I got a job in the casino industry, and learned about this 'Human Resources' thing that the corporations have, I was like 'WTF'!! You mean if somebody fucks with me I have a place to go for justice! WOW what a concept!

So I have a short message for your young woman readers, go to school, learn all you can, because if I can get my ass out of Newark, and now have a home in Colorado, raised two kids and have 109 people working for can too!

Pete~~~when are you coming to Colorado???
 My friend Kenya: I would say never!!!!  xoxoxo
...but seriously, I have a friend who told me he would finance a 'Marijuana Dispensary' if I would do all the work.....I'm done working!!! Take care of your sixes and eights!

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