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Greta Panettieri, (takes us on a tour!!) A Historic Theatre In Sicily.

 Greta Panettieri, the Diva sent me some video from one of her gigs. A site in  Agrigento, Sicily.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a photo she took and sent along, I know you will understand the history attached to this city, after you see this::

 Agrigento, Sicily
You know of 'The Diva's' amazing vocal talents, but it looks like she could be a
cinematographer if she chose to!!
Ah haha.
Here's part 1~~

 In Part Due, I get to meet the 'Nu Joy Band' doing their sound check!! Enjoy!!

Gretatze, thank you soooooo much for taking time for me and my readers....

BTW, Greta has two new projects coming~~A 'Tribute to Mina' album followed by a new album from Greta's Bakery follow them!!

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