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'The Girl On Pete's Blog', Part ll, Greta Panettieri

In the last couple of weeks, once when I was in New York City, and just twice this last week, three of the wonderful women I write about on this blog have been identified as 'the girl on Pete's blog'.

The best one was when I walked in to a club with Clara Lofaro, and the bartender said Hi Pete, and she looked at CLo and said "you look familiar, are you that girl on Pete's blog".

I should be happy about that but I'm not. Sure it's great that more and more people are reading the blog, but I want them to support these wonderful artists, and to do that they need their names!

So this will be a series of pieces to make sure the names get our there. Everyone wants me to do a Top Ten Sexiest Vocalists, like I did with pianos and guitars, no way I'm doing that!!

So, here's Part ll...Greta Panettieri

Call her Greta!

Greta has a GREAT sense of humor, and a story I tell~ happened last year. I was in  jazz club in Chicago and an elderly woman came up to me and said "you are the young man who has that blog. That skinny girl, the brunet, with the dimples, she can sing!"

Well yes she can and she has dimples....her name:: Greta Panettieri! got it Greta!
Listen to: Greta: a clip from the Doc film

Greta lives now in Rome, Italy and has two great projects that will be released any day now.
'Greta Sings Mina' and then an all new album with Greta's Bakery

Greta will be back in NYC this summer to finish a doc film we are doing called 'StreetcredMusic'

Greta has a new page on Facebook, you could 'like'...and enjoy~Greta on FB

My personal comment on Greta: The greatest compliment a singer can get is when the band applauds you after a tune...I've seen that several times with her, now remember, GRETA!

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