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Kiss Slash Crooked Smile, CD Release Show, The Hive, New York City.

April 10th, 2014: 'Ethereal Dance' was the CD released by KISS SLASH CROOKED SMILE.

The Event: I plead guilty, in years past, of being one of 'those' people who when hearing the term, a community of artists...thought of something fossilized by tradition. 

I thought, so, a group of outcasts, banned together, to 'drop out' as we said in the 60' protest, to screech at the public, point their fingers and rebel against the establishment, under the guise of performance.

Then I was introduced to 'The Hive NYC'

The Hive, is where the CD release took place and it is the home of KSCS, and founded by it's lead singer Yula Beeri.

Her mission with The Hive and her music is to spread LOVE!
....the release party: was a true love affair.

Food, spirits, bubbles, electric Jellyfish, Jello shots, dancing girls who hung from the ceiling, and a one hour set by KSCS, made a normal CD release by an independent artist seem pale.

A Red/Black dress code was the order of the day::
 Guest Erin Pellnat  & Yula Beeri, KSCS

Yula, Chen Prat (center) of Yula &XFM, and guests.

 The community of the Hive, is ever morphing to help anyone who becomes part of it.
Love is the nucleus, creativity, and mutual respect is the driving force. 

....OH, the music....The CD......I've had my copy, three days, haven't listened to anything else!!
....of course if you read my blog, EVER, you already knew that. It's great!!
Thirteen of Yula's original tunes. Including, 'My Cane'..'This Is How I Learned To Lie To People I Love'..'On And On'..'Take Over The World'....and nine others, perfectly mixed for your listening pleasure.

....and the live show, this wonderful shot taken by Erin Pellnat says it all~~~

 The Hive is the kind of community we need more of, no drama, no negativity, just LOVE BABY!

KSCS:: lead Yula Beeri...
Guitar, recorded and mixed, by Assaf Spector, of Blue Jay Way Studios.

Assi Spector 
Assi: Production Studio

KSCS::Percussion, Stefano Baldesseroni.

Stefano Baldasseroni

 Get the CD::::'HERE"

The CD was mastered by::Pete Maher
Art by:: Pepi Marzel

I will have some great HD video of the show~~~~~~Stay Tuned!

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