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StreetcredMusic, New Artist, Ashley Sofia~~'Love And Fury'

...please meet and support a very talented young artists:: Ashley Sofia
...her new video is Gold.

Ashley Sofia
Recently named “the future of Folk Rock,” young artist, Ashley Sofia is making waves. Born and raised in the heart of the Adirondacks, Ashley grew up playing music and writing music.

She has shared her new video with me and I want you all to enjoy it.

 "This is my original song, and track #8 on my debut album, Love and Fury (which was just recently released on iTunes and AmazonMP3.) It’s a song about love and gratitude, and it’s the only song on the album that I cry on stage almost every time I sing it. I hope y’all have someone Gold in your life.

I flew to Kansas in November of 2013 to film this music video with Rockhaven Films. As I watched them build sets, talk about lighting, lenses, and direction, I knew I was working with the perfect team. They’re extraordinarily talented filmmakers and it was an honor to work with them. You’ll see more from us in the future".

Enjoy, 'Gold'..VIDEO

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Music, lyrics, and performance by Ashley Sofia
Song recorded, mixed and mastered by David Veslocki​
Directed, shot, and edited by Iain Trimble, Josh Doke, and Ed Schroer of~ Rockhaven Films.​
....So nice to have another great young inspired artist on my blog!!

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