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StreetcredMusic...Pete Carma...My 2cents Part IV, "It's My Band"

The story you are about to read is true. The names were change to protect the guilty.

I really don't know how many young artists I have seen in person, met at other peoples shows, chatted with on social media, or how many have contacted me...I have 200 on my FB, but there are many I did not 'friend', so there are hundreds. Just about all of them women, and perhaps this article will tell you why.

I have a great overview of the young music scene in New York City...because I'm totally nonprofit, not beholding to any company, not worried about keeping my job, and at the same time, I have the ability to help people. So I try.

One of the things I see is there are many great songwriters out there. BUT, there are a special few who hit the jackpot with almost every tune they write..( like really only 2).

So, me, being a stupid person, who thinks that some of these people would like to make their bands more popular, made a couple of suggestions, to a couple of 'band leaders' recently, and I made them face to face, because I'm ole school and like to look people in the eye and hear their voice, cause that's the way humans have evolved....and it would also get their reaction in real time.

Band leader number one, a woman let's call her Ms. BB. I said::I know someone who has written at least half a dozen tunes that would fit your band to a 'T'. Sooooo, I asked her if she would be interested in doing them, and the writer was OK with this. Ms. BB's reply was:
"Pete, I have written dozens of songs, that I plan on doing in the future, but thanks anyway"
She never even asked who or gave a listen to the tunes.....her loss.

The second band 'leader' and I use that term 'leader' loosely....again looking HIM dead in the eye, let's call him, no, no name for him, I said:: why don't you do one of, insert name here, songs...BTW the songs would fit his, OK I'll call it a band... He said almost before I finished asking the question..
"because this is my band".

if ur band is stagnant DO SOMETHING!

My point...neither of these bands have come close to breaking out, they are still playing the same venues they played for the last three years, they have not had a run on their albums, and still they refuse to include anything new from the outside, at no cost!

It's a business man, it's not a singles tournament. If you were selling umbrellas and someone offered you umbrellas at no cost, and you refused...what? Put your EGO aside for a second.
One musician, a Zombie, once actually said to me "and what if the song becomes a hit, then they will want a piece"  ...well yeah you dumb MoFo...and it will be your first fuckin HIT!

So what I see is, you musicians out there are totally willing to give your hard earned $$$$ to a producer, a mixer, a booking agent, a tour arranger, and anyone else who sells you what looks like an easy path...but you won't take food and water, songs, the life's blood of your industry...........
 .....please splain that to me Lucy. your next gig, look around, there will be at least 5 or 6 other bands playing that venue that night, multiply that by the number of venues in New York City, times that by 365 and that's your competition. So to not look at new material is not only bad business, but at best being naive or at worst egomaniacal.

The moral of this little ode: I have some amazing writers who are open to anyone using their work..If interested, I'm here, so are they.

That's My 2cents, Part IV::   here is My 2cents,  Parts 1,2,3.

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