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StreetcredMusic: Rita Castor, The Music 'Business'.

First off thanks to my friend, Pete Carma, for again opening up his blog to let us speak out, when, and take it from me...nobody else will.

Pete likes to be brief and to the point on this blog, so here it is.

 My name is Rita Castor, no wait that's a lie. I work for a music corporation. So for me to be on social media as my 'real life' self, would lead to gosh knows what.
I have been selling, promoting, producing and working hand in hand with musicians, singers, songwriters, and wannabe's for 11 years...under the corporate structure.

Me, 1982
I call it the music 'business' because if you think you are an artist, especially if you are indie, think again. It is a business like all others, I like to think of it as selling shampoo, you may have great hair, but who will see it, who will by your shampoo?

My goal here is to follow Pete's idea when he created this blog, and always be positive.
But as he and I talk all the time, I see so many young people aspiring to get ahead by, if you excuse the Wharton, spending more than they earn. This is a no win situation in so many ways.

Here are a few: and keep in mind, if you have a day gig and make a great salary, and music is a hobby or a pastime...stop reading here.

If not, think about this...if your expenses are too high, like paying a manager, a publicist, producers, mixers, and the return on all that is less then the cost, you are operating at a loss ( business sense) not only in money...
you are probably living in a place not suitable, not being able to play the non paying gigs, because you have to pay your band, so getting 'out there' is a problem...your creativity suffers when you have to take work that takes you from what you PAY OTHERS!

I'll be writing again here on Streetcred....but let me leave you with this thought, cause I have to be brief... Pete Carma had his butt sitting down with three CEO's of record factories, two years ago, and he never wrote a song, or performed anywhere, what he did was believe in the women he was trying to help break I guess he believes in some of you more that you believe in yourselves????
...then stop paying people who say they can help, for a part of the income you don't have to spare...get a subway pass and knock on some doors. Send emails, but get in the face of some people who can help. Jump over the PR expense, I know! I do this for a living, and if someone contacts me directly, I will give them a shot, I will listen to them.

Grow a pair, for every gig, make phone calls, send emails, NOT FORMAL PRESS RELEASES, personally plead you case to get the people you want to see you to your show!!

Not a bad idea to greet people on their way in and out, instead of hangin with your friends who got in free and will never buy your shit!!


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