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The Missing Links Part II. Cezara Lucia Vladescu, Jade Simmons

She calls herself the missing link between classic and jazz. and "The face of the new era"
I agree.  Cezara Lucia Vladescu
She is a breath of fresh air in music, outspoken, creative and beautiful.

"They were coming towards me. Looking worried. I didn't understand "why". Obviously they all knew the answer. So why worry when you know. My worriedness suddenly became pleasant. I guess one can always fight the unpleasant by having bigger worries.
Bigger worries became the key to all my problems.
Thank God I have a lot of those. "

 Cezara Lucia Vladescu
 GR8 video, Enjoy this wonderful musician:: 'It Looks Like Rain'


Jade Simmons  Entrepreneur, teacher, writer, motivator, mom, amazing pianist. Her latest project in music is 'Rachmaninoff to Rap'.

"We're only human. We have a ton of excuses. Just do your best to constantly misplace them so that you can never find them when you're most desperately looking for one"

'Superwoman' Jade Simmons
        GR8 video, Enjoy::'Boss's Nova'

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