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StreetcredMusic: Photo of the Year 2014

This is it, my choice for best photo of 2014.

>My photo of the year?? Every year it's the photo with the most meaning, time and place, people involved and the significance it had on the blog...Emotion is most important, the quality of the photo is secondary.

............AND the winner is:

Me and Greta Panettieri, Rockwood Music Hall, Nov 2014
 This to me is who we are. Eye to eye, shoulder to shoulder. For five years we have worked together, and been friends. We have had things fall apart, plans that we made, but we always made them turn out better in the long run.

Whether her messages started out 'bad news' or 'top secret', we were always on the same page.
She's one of those people who 'get' life. She inspired me to do this blog and as a result I have helped two hundred or so artists. We have always supported each other.....and most of all this blog never would have gotten off the ground without her contributions.
         That's just a few of the many reasons this is my
                  ............ 'Photo of the Year' 2014.
                                            Grazie di tutto, mia stupenda amica

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Photo by: Sam Teichman

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