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StreetcredMusic: Laure Porche, Creator, Artist, New York City.

I recently met a wonderful 'creator' relativity new to New York City. Arriving from France 2 years ago, and I'd like to tell you about the amazing contribution she is making in just that short time.

Laure Porche
 I met Laure through one of my favorite communities of the Arts in NYC, TheHiveNYC
.....a non profit, very special cultural events happening, in Brooklyn.
She is on the verge of several new projects that will enhance the culture of the city.
She has made a difference already by 'giving back' as an instructor of dance.

Here's a video sample of what you will see from this young talent!!
         Video::Dance reel from Laure Porche

Here's a conversation I had with Laure:
Hi Pete...
"I'm an actress, dancer, choreographer and writer from France. My background spans many different styles of dance (hip hop, belly dance, jazz, Afro) which allows me to adapt to the energy required in any piece, and also to mix styles together to create a unique aesthetic of movement.

While in France, I worked a lot on the fusion belly dance scene, and also did a lot of TV work in Lebanon as a co-choreographer and dance captain on several TV shows.

Laure Porche
 I came to New York to deepen my training as an actress as I was aware American acting is way beyond the kind of technique I could get in France. My experience here as a "displaced person" sparked a reflection about exile, and this reflection is being embodied in the one woman show I'm currently creating.

The show uses theater, dance and movement to explore the idea of being permanently separated from where one is coming from. Through it, I try to give a voice to my Russian great grand mother, who emigrated to France with my great grand father and ended up losing her mind. I also speak and express parts of my own experience and the nostalgia I have always carried, of not being able to go back to where I came from before Earth.

I explore my relationship with God throughout my childhood, as well as the impact my parents' divorce had on me, and the new brand of homesickness I've discovered since coming to the US.

It's a very personal piece, but I've had a chance to workshop it earlier this month and people were wonderfully receptive. Since working on this piece, I've talked to several people who expressed the same feeling of being "strangers on Earth", and thanked me for expressing something they could never quite put into words. It will premiere at the Emerging Artists Theater New Work Series in May.
 Aside from that show, I'm also working on The Hive production's of the Tempest in the role of Stephano, and on an experimental movement/theater piece set to happen at Dixon Place, in which I play the French writer Georges Sand." 
I'm looking forward to see Laure in several productions this summer and lucky for New York she is 'displaced' here. A bright future is ahead, I'm sure.

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