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StreetcredMusic: Op Ed By Tessa Lena..About,Tidal

 My friend Tessa Lena, a wonderful artist, musician, creator and thinker, has a blog.
.....I steal from her on occasion, this is one of those occasions. ENJOY! 

A very jumpy essay. So I got Tidal trial the other day. All politics and "future of the music industry" aside, I liked it on a sensory level. I have boycotted all other streaming services, so when I got Tidal, I got mega greedy and started listening to everything I could get my hands on. As Russians say, no bread, please. But the irony is, after trying a million things, I ended up listening to the old bands I already like, and old bands and performers that I wanted to catch up on. I think it has mostly to do with the changed standards of audio processing, or maybe new mainstream music is really that much lamer… I don't know. 
Her band is:: 'Tessa Makes Love'

 >>Check out my experiment.
Me. I don't like Popsicle music. I don't have the time for it. Even more than Popsicle music, I dislike Popsicle music that pretends to be rebellious. That's the worst kind of sonic cheating. And my body is super sensitive to what sound does physically (and also, to what happens when ideology interferes with pure nature - but that's a separate topic so for now, just check out my experiment).

 My first experiment was to give another chance to the artists who I've put on my contempt list based on a few of their Youtube videos. Number one was Kanye since the (perfectly logical!) gap between his screaming–subjectively to me–lack of genuine depth and his chest-beating pretense of having magic doesn't cease to amaze me. I understand how intelligence messes with confidence while lack of thereof… anyway. So I thought, fine. Maybe in the past, I didn't understand. So I put him on, and after about thirty minutes, his music started impacting my concentration and ability to be myself. He really makes followers. It's a weapon. [On a complete tangent… His last production I saw on Youtube (now I am going off Tidal… don't remember which award show it was done at) was very moving, I am dying to know which part of it he actually created. If you know, please PM me…. my scientific hunger is killing me].

 Then I listened to a bunch of Beyonce. I like her as a human being, to the degree it's possible to like one as a human being without knowing somebody in life. What I sense from her, I understand. I like one song she sings, I think it's brilliant. So I listened to that song, a couple of times, and then moved on to others… since I cannot think of anything witty worth mentioning here, sounds like the rest was a blur.

Then I started randomly clicking on various featured content, it was boring and over processed.
And then I went to old bands and old songs that at the very least were not trying to split my brain with too much unnecessary sonic fuss.
The end.

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