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StreetcredMusic: Greta Panettieri, 'Sold Out'

Pete!...."they had to tell people to go away"..."we have to do another show"
....when I get messages like that from her, it warms my heart.
....when I hear her sing, it takes me back to the night we first met, and how much of a mark she made on me that night, with her talent and her smile.

We met spring of 2010, NYC
I remember a couple of years ago she told me about an idea she had, it involved doing an album of songs originally done by Mina. I flipped out. I told her I though this would be something great for her career. Now a year after it's release, that CD, 'Non Gioco Piu' is in it's second printing.

In addition, in the last 18 months Greta and her wonderful band Greta's Bakery, have released another work, the CD, 'Under Control', and an illustrated book 'Viaggio in Jazz'....which documents Greta's coming to NYC as a young woman to pursue her career. So that and several entertaining videos of songs from those works..She has toured all of Italy, and New York City, in the last two years, and this week is in Barcelona....It's long over due this 'overnight' success.

Book illustrations by::Jasmin Cacciola, Edizioni Corsare
 Video:: 'Under Control'

So glad for Greta and all involved, great people, and they make 'musical' things happen.

Video:: 'Brava'

The 'one & only' Diva

Everything is available here:: Greta's Store

FB Page  of Greta.

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