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StreetcredMusic, 'SheSaid-HeSaid' Sinatra 100 Years, and Chicago's Kimberly Gordon, "That's All"

Just a few months until we celebrate the centennial of 'The Chairman of the Board', Frank Sinatra.'s another of my 'HeSaid~~SheSaid' looks at the American Songbook.

Here's my friend from Chicago, Kimberly Gordon who interprets the classics like non other, a unique style with a great range, sultry, sexy and so enjoyable to see live....

"That's All" video here!

Kimberly Gordon, Chicago
Kim performs regularly around the Chicagoland area, and she writes for several publications there.

Me and Kim, The Green Mill, Chicago

 Then there is the other guy, 100 years later, ....his tunes as the lover, heart broken are all classics,

Sinatra:: Video, "That's All"


1943, WWII

Here's a link to Sinatra v Lara Bello, a previous, 'SheSaid--HeSaid'

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