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StreetcredMusic: The Mastor, Ms. Castor..OpEd, What Are You Doing?

Plumbers think they are among the most important people in our lives. They have a point.
What would we do without clean water to drink, water to flush, water to wash with?
We just turn that 'magic' knob and voila!!

Electricians think they are very important to the world, they give us heat, light, and easy cooking options, all we have to do is plug into that 'magic' place to get the flow.

...and teachers, well they think they above all are most important, after all we intrust our children to them, so they can unlock all the 'magic' that comes from being a kid.

They are all correct in thinking they are a major cog in the wheel we call society. ..
And I'm sure they all realize that they are all in this together, plumbers need electricity, electricians need water, and they all learned their trades from teachers.

Musicians? songwriters? well jump in, (this society) see where the tide takes you.  The above occupations have several things you will never have. A steady pay check, health care, some kind of pension plan or 401K, and reasonable job security. Or, they can hang out a shingle and go on their own.

You as a music maker have only one option, go out on your own. Of course you can work for someone else, get a day gig, we know all that. (bills) But, how long to you have?
Are you still following the steps they gave you in music school? Nothing is the same as it was then, your phone, TV, the way we get music, communications as we know them have changed drastically, so has the music business.

The top five earners in music over the last two years (no names, uknow them) they are being blasted at you on all forms of media 24/7...well 65+% of their income has come from overseas gigs and 'merch'. What?
Yeah, your music is great, so what. Are YOU marketable? They have armies of writers producers and they will first look for a body that has appeal to their 'customers'. You know the people who just go to a concert for the status of being there. They want a show not only music, that's both the audience and the promoters.
Do you put on a show? Are you exotic, unique enough that I would buy something of yours?
How many people who can give you the opportunity to break out have you personally approached?

Fun room of Nikki Yanofsky

Or are you perfect?
You know those little “imperfections” you hear in someones voice when they’re getting choked up? We like to call them mistakes now and we edit them out. We recycle a lot of the same sounds.
This creates an almost Stepford Wives effect in music. Gone are the jagged edges. Those jagged edges provoke thought. Thought that could lead to a change of opinion. Thought that could melt a cold heart. Today, everything is perfectly mixed. Perfectly mastered. Perfectly edited. Perfectly subdued.
.....and you pay to have it done...
     ...Bye, Bye..

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