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StreetcredMusic: Choosing 2015's Photo of the Year.

It's that time of year again. Time for me to pick the StreetcredMusic 'Photo of the Year' for 2015.

Remember it's not the quality of the photo that is most important, it's what the picture captures.
The time and place, events and the emotion it provokes with me, that matter most.

There are 21 pics in all, see the previous selections here::
Other pics in the running for 2015

Erin Pellnat returns from Paris:


Tessa Lena... 'Tessa Makes Love' is the band. first performance at TheHiveNYC

Tessa Lena

MetroNomads and Seasonal Beast 
...Performing together at The Living Room.

Adam Halfi, Naaran Barzilay, and Yula Beeri

There UGO, 15 more coming!!

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