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StreetcredMusic: "The Best Song Since The Blog"

Regina from Jersey City asks: "Since you started the blog what's the best song you have heard from all the indie artists"?
I have to make full disclosure here, for a question like that I eliminate my immediate family, cause it would not be fair because I love everything they write~ (Family being Yula Beeri and the Diva, Greta Panettieri)

There are three songs that I say are the best, WHY?? Because I love them all for many reasons. First thing, they all paint a picture in my mind as I listen to them, and BTW, I have listened to them hundreds of times. Secondly, they all are a perfect match... lyrics and melody.

 Here they are in alphabetical order:and BTW, the albums these great tunes come from are wonderful also:
'Changing Spaces' by MaryC  
An R&B tune that speaks to a break up, and sung as only a NYC songstress can.
"One mistake is all it takes, you could hear the sound of my heart break" 

'Landing Gear' Abby Ahmad
One of the best protest songs ever written.
 "Hold your breath kids, cause greed in airborne"

 'Rabid Girl' Kalen
....literally creates a 'snap shot' of New York's lower east side, with the tempo of the metropolis.
 "Delancey liquor store refused to serve her more, cops are on the way, she's a regular they say"

There UGO, my favs. But guess what, I have some of the new music that will be released soon from some of NYC's finest...AND I may be adding some new favs to this list!! Stay tuned!!
 Listen here::: Abby Ahmad
Listen here::: Kalen

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