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StreetcredMusic: Svetlana Shmulyian & The Delancey Five, New Release

A new release will be available mid January, from one of New York City's most popular bands.
Svetlana and The Delancey Five

Here is a look at the production:: Video: Night At The Speakeasy

 "No other band on the hot jazz and swing scene would do a song in Russian, I'm interested in songs in any genre. I wanted to write and record songs that you could dance to but that you could also listen to on the radio, in the car, or wherever. It's music that makes you smile."

I have seen Svetlana and her 'Five' live, and they put on a great 'swingin' show, they are the real deal.

Here is where you can catch them next:: 

Upcoming Svetlana & The Delancey Five Performances:
Jan. 15 / BBKings / New York, NY 
Dec. 15 / MTA Subway Swing Party / New York, NY
Dec. 25 / Zinc Bar / New York, NY 
Jan. 11 / Mezzrow Jazz Club / New York, NY
Jan 13. / Urbo Gotham Club / New York, NY
Svetlana & The Delancey Five Weekly Residences:
Monday / Back Room / New York, NY
Wednesday / Bedford Hall / Brooklyn, NY
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