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StreetcredMusic: Kayce Laine, 're-booting' her career.

Music aside, one of the nicest, sweetest, and intelligent young women I have ever met, is leaving New York City.
Kayce Laine

 Kayce Laine is the third songstress from my 'inner circle' to leave NYC in the last year. She will be moving to Nashville, that's Tennessee y'all. Part of the reason for her departure is a common event in NYC now, the absolute price gouging in the cost of renting an apartment. (Williamsburg, Bklyn)

However the career change will be great for Kayce though...I think she will have more breathing room. She is planning to release a song and possibly a video each month, after getting settle in.
She will be working with producer, Tim Brennan.

Not to worry me and Kayce will be in touch forever and you will get all her great new creations here....and NYC will always be a destination for her in the future, and maybe we can do some gigs together.
Some great memories, Erin Pellnat, Kayce and Greta Panettieri, at The Bitter End..

Me and Kayce at TheHiveNYC

Video:: Kayce: '5 AM Light'

....and just last week she was one half of this blogs 'Photo of the Year' for 2015, with Erin.

Photo of the Year 2015.
 Gonna miss you Mamacita!! Knock em dead down there!!! xo Love!  Much Love.

You can follow Kayce's  Facebook page here
             ..her bandcamp:  HERE!

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